Carolina grown and Boston based.

Since I was a small child, I've been enamored with writing. Storytelling is in my blood, from my elementary school years writing short stories, my high school phase of screenplay writing, and my eventual decision to spend my college years studying the incredibly impactful storytelling of journalism. 

My journalism career is also bolstered by a strong proficiency in photography. I have been around DSLR cameras since I was strong enough to hold them on my own. My mother, an avid photo hobbyist, would have me take pictures of herself all throughout my childhood, starting at age 10. Since then, I've made myself familiar with Canon DLSR systems, and I've been shooting seriously with digital cameras since 2016. In 2018, I picked up an analog camera for the first time and began to shoot both film and digital. 

As a fresh graduate of Boston's Emerson College, I am excited to enter the field of journalism and make an impact on local communities through the medium of storytelling. I am proficient in reporting and news and feature writing, and my nearly ten year long photography career has given me the experience necessary to expand my skills into  the visual medium of both photo and video.

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